Winter Barn Wedding

The prospect of a frosty reception is about as appealing as a December dip in the North Sea. But at Woolas Barn, we offer a sanctuary from the trite ‘Winter Wonderland’ tropes that have been done to death, like last year’s Christmas turkey. Open year-round for the matrimonially inclined, our barn is the ideal locale for those brave souls daring to wed during the season of perpetual chill.

Seeking inspiration that won’t leave you as cold as the proverbial mother-in-law’s kiss? Read on for insider secrets to craft a winter wedding so chic, even the Ice Queen herself would thaw out for an RSVP.

De-iced Decor

Lay down the hot glue gun and step away from that ‘cutesy’ winter-themed banner – we’re aiming for elegance, not an elf workshop. Here’s how to deck the halls of Woolas Barn without needing to pin your hopes on a Christmas miracle.

  • Winter Flowers: Contrary to popular belief, not all plant life has given up the ghost by winter. A sprig of holly here, a touch of ivy there, and hey presto – botanical brilliance without the need for a thaw. If you must add a dash of snow-fakery, a light dusting on your greenery will suffice; any more, and you risk a frosted foliage fiasco.
  • Candles: Let’s face it, the sun’s put in its resignation by about 4 PM, so candles are your new best friends. Adding just the right flickering ambiance, you can ensure your guests are visible to each other – though whether that’s a blessing or a curse is up for debate.
  • Faux Fur: No, we’re not animals; we wouldn’t dream of suggesting real fur. However, a tasteful drape of the imitation variety can transform your seating from shiver-inducing to snuggle-worthy faster than you can say ‘pass the mulled wine.’

Winter Warmer Wedding Menu

It’s a time for heart-warming, belt-loosening feasts that would make a Christmas elf blush with envy. Before you morph into the spitting image of a pre-diet Santa, let’s wade through our top picks for a wedding menu that’ll have your taste buds donning tiny woolly hats.

  • Baked Camembert: Yes, we bang on about it like a broken record, but it’s the cheese that keeps on giving. Dunk into the molten middle of a baked Camembert and watch your guests bond over the shared pursuit of the perfect cheese pull.
  • Hot Chocolate Bar: Who needs a stiff drink when you can clutch a mug of liquid joy? For those who want their sweet with a side of spirit, a splash of Baileys transforms this childhood favourite into the toast of adulting.
  • Roast Dinner with all the Trimmings: Erase any thoughts that roasts are confined to Sundays and Noel. A proper roast dinner is like a hug on a plate, and who doesn’t need a hug on their wedding day? Give your guests the gift of gravy-soaked nostalgia – no festive cracker hats required.

Get Chills with a Winter Wedding

Ready to take the cold plunge into a winter wedding at Woolas Barn? Get in touch with us today to book your space this season.

Wintry Wedding Getaway

The grand exit from your nuptials is your first journey as a married couple, so naturally, it should scream ‘winter’ louder than a Christmas jumper at a July barbecue.

  • Horse and Carriage: Channel your inner Snow Queen with a horse and carriage ride. It’s guaranteed to leave your guests with a sense of enchanted frostbite as you glide away. Just remember to pack some Turkish delight for the full Narnian effect.
  • Vintage Car: Vintage cars are the Swiss Army knives of wedding transport – timeless, elegant, and appropriate for all seasons. A classic motor in bridal white will have your wedding album looking like a vintage vogue spread.
  • Stretched Limo: For some, the stretched limo is the epitome of luxury; for others, it’s a glorified bobsleigh. Whether it’s the height of class or a guilty pleasure, there’s no denying the appeal of sprawling out with your new spouse, free from the clutches of winter’s icy grasp.

Festive Fits

Turning up to your wedding dressed as the honorary Mrs. Claus isn’t the statement most brides aim for. Let’s delve into the wardrobe and pick out some winter winners that won’t have you mistaken for a festive mascot.

  • Faux Fur Shawls: Apparently, we’re mad for faux fur today – but with good reason. Draping a luxurious shawl over your shoulders adds a touch of wintry elegance without veering into ‘overkill’ territory. And when it’s time for photos, off it goes! No animals harmed, no style compromised.
  • Ladies in Red: To the wedding guests debating over palette choices: red in the winter isn’t just a bold fashion statement, it’s practically a public service. Don a crimson gown, and you’ll be a walking, warming beacon of style amidst the snowflakes.
  • Sleeves: Do you fancy shivering on your special day? Didn’t think so. A dress with sleeves is the stylish antithesis of frostbite. Besides, nothing ruins a romantic moment quite like the chattering of teeth.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    A winter wedding at Woolas Barn blends the rustic charm of our venue with the magic of the season. Imagine a chic, frost-free celebration where even the coldest-hearted mother-in-law might just melt with joy.

    Simply click on our ‘Secure Your Wintry Wedlock’ button and fill out the contact form. Our team will get back to you faster than you can say “frozen bouquet” to help plan your perfect winter nuptials.

    Yes, candlelight ceremonies are a beautiful way to enhance the romantic atmosphere of your wedding. We can work with you to safely incorporate candles into your decor, ensuring a warm and intimate setting while adhering to safety regulations.

    We understand the importance of every detail in creating a romantic experience, including the cuisine. A private tasting menu experience can be arranged for you and your partner to ensure that the flavours of your wedding day reflect your personal tastes and love story.

    Indeed, we have a network of trusted vendors who can provide everything from dreamy decor rentals to winter ready wedding cakes that align perfectly with the seasons.

    Creating cosy, intimate spaces for guests to converse and unwind is a lovely touch. We can designate a section of the barn or a spot outdoors with plush seating, soft throws, and ambient lighting to craft a snug nook that invites relaxation and conversation.