Summer Barn Wedding

Summer is either just around the corner or already in full swing by the time you stumble upon this—but, who knows with our erratic weather. A summer wedding, though, remains a top choice for most couples. Think welcome drinks under the open sky, food trucks dishing out miniscule bites, and fire pits flickering as the evening settles in.

Of course, keep those umbrellas handy, because let’s be honest, British summer wouldn’t dare play nice for once. If you’re scratching your head on how to make your summer barn wedding a flaming affair, don’t worry, we’ve gathered some advice from our previous couples.

Daylight Saving Decor

Before you go rummaging through the beach for seashells and rocks, allow us to offer a few suggestions to transform your dream wedding from shabby shore chic to a heatwave of sophistication. We’re talking everything decor-related, from playful outdoor games to keeping your guests cool as cucumbers throughout the day.

  • Fan Forward: Electric fans? Not on our watch—we’re not looking to skyrocket the electric bill. Instead, consider dainty, personal hand-held fans to keep your guests cool. Not only do they add a touch of elegance, but they also make for delightful keepsakes from your special day.
  • Balloons Galore: Who doesn’t love a good balloon? But let’s not regress to brightly coloured ones from children’s birthday parties. Opt for a coordinated colour palette, attach them to guests’ chairs, and voila—you’ve created a beautifully decorated space.
  • Outdoor Games: Weddings often come with unexpected free time, and nothing fills that gap quite like a few classic outdoor games. From ring tosses to corn-hole, your guests will be entertained for hours. Who knew a bit of friendly competition could be the secret ingredient to a memorable wedding?

Heating it Up in the Kitchen

Summer might be renowned for many things, but the food often isn’t one of them. Fear not, your summer menu doesn’t have to be a parade of tasteless salads and uninspired dishes. Below, we’ve curated some of the best summer recipes and suggestions that will have your guests putting down their Aperol spritz and reaching for a second helping.

  • Cold Bar: Forget the ubiquitous ‘Hot Bar’ and get into the chill of a Cold Bar. Imagine an icy spread filled with fresh fish, cured meats, and an assortment of delectable nibbles. Your guests will be so entranced by this frosty feast, they’ll practically be eating out of the palm of your hand—or, in this case, the bar.
  • BBQ Weather: The great British BBQ—our nation’s favourite excuse for outdoor cooking, rain or shine. Go beyond this beloved tradition by featuring a suckling pig or a veritable smorgasbord of meats that would make even the most ravenous caveman call it a night.
  • Nuts about Coconuts: If you’re contemplating a signature cocktail for your big day, why not go all in on coconuts? Transport your guests to an island paradise with a coconut-themed drink. Extra points if the cocktail is actually served in a coconut—it’s the kind of Instagram aesthetic that dreams are made of.

Ready to Turn Up the Heat?

Looking to secure your scorching summer wedding at Woolas Barn? Get in touch with us today to book your space for this season or for next year!

Vacation Worthy Vehicle

Looking to ride off into the sunset after your big day? Why not do it in style? Arriving and leaving your summer wedding should be nothing short of spectacular. After all, you deserve an exit that will set the place ablaze (metaphorically, of course).

  • Convertible Car: Opting for a convertible car? Just make sure the roof mechanism actually works—nobody wants a top-down experience in the middle of a downpour. But if the weather plays nice, who wouldn’t love waving goodbye to their guests from a cute convertible, riding off into the sunset with the wind in their hair?
  • On Your Bike: Feeling adventurous? Why not ride away on a tandem bike? It’s an eco-friendly option that won’t drain your wallet, though it might leave you with legs of jelly. Be warned, you will feel the burn, but at least you’ll be getting a head start on working off that wedding cake.
  • Glampervan: Why not skip the airport queues and kick-start your honeymoon from the get-go? Hire a campervan and transform your wedding exit into the beginning of an epic road trip.

Hot to Trot Outfits

Brides, you’ve likely already chosen the perfect wedding dress that complements the summer vibe, but what about your bridal party and guests? That’s where we step in, ready to steer you away from the boring ocean blue and towards something that will truly make waves.

  • Light Fabrics: It’s a universal truth that summer weddings in England can still get rather toasty. Opt for breathable, flowy fabrics to keep everyone cool and comfortable on the dance floor. Because no one wants to remember your wedding as the day they melted into a puddle of sweat.
  • Strapless Summer: Summertime is the perfect excuse to showcase those arms. Consider stunning strapless gowns for your bridesmaids, ensuring they stay cool and collected throughout the day.
  • Wardrobe Change: Brides, you’ve nailed your ceremony dress, but what about the afterparty? Yes, we’re suggesting a wardrobe change. Have a second, shorter dress ready for the evening so you can dance the night away without tripping over your train.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Woolas Barn is not just a wedding venue but also a family home that has been lovingly restored over three generations. The venue comprises four seamlessly linked areas – the Stables, the Courtyard, the Granary, and the Lambing Shed, providing a versatile and picturesque backdrop for your special day.

    While we all hope for sunny skies, British weather can be unpredictable. Woolas Barn offers both indoor and outdoor spaces, so you can easily transition your celebration indoors if needed. The Stables and the Courtyard provide beautiful settings that can accommodate changes in the weather, ensuring your day goes smoothly regardless of rain or shine.

    The venue can comfortably seat up to 120 guests for dinner, with a total capacity of 160 guests for the evening celebrations. This allows you to invite all your loved ones to join in the festivities without feeling cramped.

    Yes, Woolas Barn is licensed for civil ceremonies. You can hold your ceremony in The Stables, which can seat up to 100 guests on our charming rustic benches.

    Absolutely! All Saints Church is conveniently located just down the road in the village of Appleton Roebuck, making it easy to have a traditional church ceremony followed by a stunning reception at Woolas Barn.

    Yes, we have a brilliant in-house catering team led by the fantastic Jules. They will work with you to craft a menu that reflects your tastes and ensures your guests will never forget your wedding breakfast. From summer BBQs to elegant cold bars, our team can cater to your every need.

    Yes, Woolas Barn offers beautiful outdoor spaces perfect for a range of summer activities. From welcome drinks under the open sky to classic outdoor games like ring toss and cornhole, your guests will have plenty of options to enjoy the great outdoors.

    Woolas Barn provides a beautiful blank canvas that you can personalise to fit your summer wedding theme. Whether you want to incorporate playful outdoor games, elegant hand-held fans, or a coordinated balloon palette, our venue can accommodate your creative vision.

    While Woolas Barn itself does not offer on-site accommodation, there are several charming B&Bs and hotels nearby in the village of Appleton Roebuck and surrounding areas. We can provide recommendations to ensure your guests have comfortable places to stay.

    To secure your summer wedding at Woolas Barn, simply get in touch with us through our contact page. We offer exclusive access to the venue across a three-day period, ensuring you have ample time to set up, celebrate, and enjoy every moment of your special day. Don’t wait—secure your summer soirée today!