Seasonal Wedding Inspiration

This is the most exciting time in your life– a cocktail of planning, spreadsheets, endless bridal showers, and the critical business of food tasting (arguably the best part, let’s be honest). Yet, brace yourselves, for the march to matrimony is more marathon than sprint, with most couples engaging in a lengthy pre-wedding that spans anywhere from one to two years.

The weighty decision of when to exchange vows falls squarely on your shoulders. Will you opt for a sun-drenched summer affair, replete with Pimm’s and sunburn, or a winter fête so epic it could make the Game of Thrones finale look like a quaint tea party?

Whatever you decide, you should do it with style, and that’s why we’ve rustled up an arsenal of seasonal inspiration pages, each brimming with tips and tricks to ensure our barn is not just a venue, but the stage for the day of your dreams, whatever the glorious british weather brings.


Summer in England – that brief spell when the sun dallies in the sky just long enough for a collective sunburn and the ice cream van’s siren song becomes the soundtrack of our lives. Shirts are peeled off in public with reckless abandon (though at Woolas Barn, we encourage a ‘shirts on’ policy for all wedding photos, thank you very much). Sure, the weather’s as predictable as a soap opera plot, but that’s all part of the charm, isn’t it?

Bask in Summer "I Dos"


Fancy a wedding where the tears flow more freely than the complimentary champagne? Simply banish the hay-fever tablets and let the pollen do its thing. Spring, nature’s own rom-com, provides the perfect setting for your nuptials, with flowers blossoming in tandem with your love life (how terribly convenient). And if a few guests sneeze through your vows, well, that’s just spring’s standing ovation. Embrace the season when love is in the air – quite literally – and everything, including your romance, is coming up roses.

Spring into Matrimony


Swap the traditional bridal white for something that won’t clash with the inevitable October shadows, and let’s carve out a wedding date that’s more ‘haunted chic’ than ‘horrific cliché’. If your idea of romance is a slight chill in the air and a reception that could double as a sophisticated Halloween gala, then fall into the season where love isn’t just in the air, it’s falling off the trees.

Conjure your Autumn Union


Forget the overdone festive puns; we’re all about that authentic, teeth-chattering experience that makes mulled wine not just an option but a necessity for survival. Choose a winter wedding if your idea of a good time involves layering up like an onion and finding out just how functional your fancy footwear is on ice.

Chill with our Winter Weddings

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