Creating a Quintessential Romantic Barn Wedding

Roses unfurling in full bloom, doves serenading the early dawn – love is unmistakably in the air. Sure, that might be tipping the scales into the realm of the overly dramatic, but let’s face it, your wedding day is the perfect excuse to sprinkle a little magic dust on reality.

Now, here comes the twist: how do you orchestrate a day that’s less “cheesy rom-com marathon” and more “blockbuster love story with a dash of indie cred”? Worry not, you’ve just hit the jackpot. We’ve cobbled together a veritable smorgasbord of wedding essentials and some genius-level recommendations to elevate your barn wedding from “aww” to “awe-inspiring.”

So, before you reach for those predictable candy hearts and rose petals, take a detour with us.

Swoon-Worthy Decor

Last year’s trend of red hearts and candles? Let’s leave that in the romantic rearview mirror. Wondering how to dial up the romance at your wedding without crossing into kitsch territory? Fear not. We’ve curated a collection of decor ideas that speak the language of love in more hushed tones.

  • Words of Love: Asking for the ultimate romantic movie might get you mixed answers, but let’s skip past “Juno” for a moment and nod to the classic— “The Notebook.” Why not borrow a leaf out of this beloved film and scatter small, handwritten love notes on wooden boards across the guest tables? It’s the kind of sweetness that doesn’t come with a sugar rush.
  • Re-imaging Roses: Yes, we might have thrown some shade at roses just a moment ago. However, when done tastefully, roses can transform from cliché to chic. Skip the petal scattering and instead, let roses make a statement in your bouquets or as part of your elegant table centrepieces.
  • Cocktails with Character: Here at Woolas Barn, we’re all about toasting to your union in the most memorable way. Why settle for a standard drink menu when our bartenders can mix up something extraordinary? Introducing signature cocktails inspired by you and your partner’s favourite spirits—tailored to your taste buds.

Heart Stopping Banquets

It’s time to bid adieu to your wedding diet and bring on the indulgence. After all, your wedding is the perfect excuse to feast on food that will not only excite your taste buds but also send your heart aflutter. “Heart-stopping” might be a tad dramatic, but here are a few culinary delights guaranteed to add an extra beat to your special day.

  • Chocolate Covered Strawberries: Yes, trotting out chocolate-covered strawberries might seem as original as a bouquet toss, but let’s face it—they’ve become a staple for a reason. They’re the perfect blend of sweet, succulent, and oh-so-chocolaty. Plus, is it even a celebration without chocolate?
  • Share the Love: Why not transform your starters into an opportunity for a romantic rendezvous? Introducing shareable dishes like a meltingly delicious baked camembert or a generously laden charcuterie board can not only delight the taste buds but also spark connections among your guests. Who knows, your wedding could be the ground for another love story.
  • Pasta Bar: Pasta with a Side of Romance: In the quest to cater to your guests’ diverse palettes while injecting a dose of classic romance, why not opt for a pasta bar? Now, who’s up for playing the roles of Lady and Tramp in real life?

Create Your Romantic Barn Wedding

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Wheel-Spinning in Love

Your grand entrance on the big day is not just any moment—it’s the prologue to your epic love story. So, let’s steer clear of any entrance that even remotely hints at a car crash and instead, cruise down the aisle with flair that screams wheel spinning romance. Here are some of our all-time favourite vehicle options for your matrimonial debut:

  • Classic Car: There’s an undeniable allure to the vintage curves and purring engine of a classic car that whispers tales of old Hollywood glamour. Bonus romance points if the top drops down and the wind flirts with your hair as you make your cinematic entrance.
  • Horse and Carriage: For those who’ve always fantasised about a storybook romance, why not swap rubber tires for the clip-clop of hooves? A horse and carriage ride isn’t just transport; it’s a one-way ticket to your very own fairytale. Make sure to be home by midnight!
  • Hot Air Balloon: If you’re not just full of hot air about making your wedding exit memorable, why not ascend into the sunset in a hot air balloon? It’s not merely an exit; it’s a climb into the next chapter of your love story, above the clouds and into the horizon of your new life together.

Kissable Designs

Sure, you’ve snagged the gown that’ll make your significant other’s heart skip a beat—or, frankly, do the full Macarena out of sheer joy. But what about casting a spell over the entire congregation, ensuring your guests to give the look of love? Relax, we’ve got a playbook of spells so potent, they’re practically a peck on the cheek waiting to happen.

  • Sweetheart Necklines: Behold, the sweetheart neckline. It is a not-so-subtle nod to romance, like wearing your heart not just on your sleeve, but front and centre. If Cupid were a couturier, this would be his pièce de résistance, guaranteed to make every onlooker’s heart do the tango.
  • Ladies in Red: Pink at weddings is as expected as the awkward best man speech. Let’s pivot to red—a hue so daring, it promises to steal the scene faster than an uncle hitting the dance floor after one too many. Ideal for when the leaves start to fall or when winter whispers, red isn’t just a colour; it’s a statement.
  • Loving in Lace: If lace were a person, it’d be the world’s most intriguing grandmother, boasting tales of allure and mystery. But let’s not settle for granny’s hand-me-downs. We’re after lace that’s less ‘mothballs in the attic’ and more ‘secret rendezvous in a moonlit garden.’ It’s all about lace that whispers sweet nothings, not bedtime stories.

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    Of course! We invite you to embellish your day with your romantic touches. Woolas Barn serves as an idyllic backdrop to your special day, although we’re here to provide insight to ensure your décor elements beautifully complement our venue’s inherent charm.

    Our menus are a celebration of your romantic day, we can accommodate almost anything you desire, from artisanal, wood-fired pizzas to succulent plant-based dishes.

    Woolas Barn offers an enchanting mix of indoor and outdoor spaces ideal for both ceremonies and celebrations, set against picturesque landscapes perfect for those all-important wedding photos. Our dedicated team is also at your disposal, ready to assist with planning and coordination to ensure your day unfolds flawlessly.

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    Yes, indeed! Our gallery is brimming with images from previous weddings that have embraced the romantic spirit, offering a wealth of inspiration for your own nuptials. Once you are happily married, you can also send us over some of your favourite pictures of the day, so you can help other couples for inspiration.

    We’re more than happy to recommend a variety of nearby lodging options, ranging from quaint B&Bs to more upscale accommodations, ensuring your guests experience both comfort and style that align with the bohemian theme of your wedding.

    Absolutely! We encourage you and your partner to visit Woolas Barn and experience its rustic charm firsthand. Contact us to arrange a tour that fits into your schedule, and let’s discuss how we can transform your wedding vision into reality.

    While our gallery is a great starting point, the world of social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and even nature itself are rich sources of romantic inspiration.

    Yes, candlelight ceremonies are a beautiful way to enhance the romantic atmosphere of your wedding. We can work with you to safely incorporate candles into your decor, ensuring a warm and intimate setting while adhering to safety regulations.

    For a romantic send-off, consider options like a sparkler farewell, which creates a twinkling backdrop for your departure, or a lantern release, symbolising the bright future ahead. We can discuss the logistics and any necessary permissions to ensure your send-off is as magical as your “I dos.”

    A live string quartet or harpist can add an exquisite touch to your ceremony. Woolas Barn is acoustically equipped to accommodate such live music, adding to the elegance and romance of your special moment.

    We understand the importance of every detail in creating a romantic experience, including the cuisine. A private tasting menu experience can be arranged for you and your partner to ensure that the flavours of your wedding day reflect your personal tastes and love story.

    Soft and romantic lighting can be achieved through various means, such as draping fairy lights across the ceiling beams, using chandeliers for an elegant glow, or incorporating floor-standing lanterns to create an intimate ambiance throughout the barn.

    Indeed, we have a network of trusted vendors who can provide everything from dreamy decor rentals to whimsical wedding cakes that align perfectly with a romantic theme. Our recommended vendors understand the aesthetic of Woolas Barn and can help bring your romantic vision to life.

    Creating cosy, intimate spaces for guests to converse and unwind is a lovely touch. We can designate a section of the barn or a spot outdoors with plush seating, soft throws, and ambient lighting to craft a snug nook that invites relaxation and conversation.